Queen's Anniversary Prize

Queen’s Anniversary Prize

The Surgical & Prosthetic Design team at PDR  has been awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for their work relating to the use of 3D scanning in the treatment of disease or following trauma.

The prize is awarded every two years by the Queen in recognition of an academic or vocational institution, and falls within the UK’s national honours system. This honour was awarded to Cardiff Met as a result of the great work carried out by PDR’s design technologists and the Prize Medals will be awarded to the team at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace in February.

The University established a widely–recognised lead, going back over some fifteen years, in the use of design and related 3D digital scanning technologies as applied to maxillofacial reconstructive surgery in treatment of disease or following trauma.

Pioneering work by the Surgical & Prosthetic Design team at PDR has enabled the rapid production of devices for use in surgical procedures. This has produced a direct benefit in the making of prosthetics for individual patients and major advances in surgical training- through improved accuracy in the use of simulation on surgery training and other educational applications.